tecitcom - Let us introduce to you the INDEPENDENT NETWORK OF EXPERTS

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tecitcom is a network of experts specializing in the fields of technology, IT and com-merce, who act independently, esp. as lawyers, tax advisors, business economists, computer scientists and expert witnesse.

What unites us is the commitment to delivering best practice and to offering our cus-tomers and clients successful solutions. We focus on your special needs, and the special requirements of your markets and fields of work, at all times.


Expertise in accompanying technology projects is part of what we have in common. And we share the experience that functioning interfaces between law, technology and management are essential for the success of a project.

If expertise is required in different fields, we pull together.

We stand by our claim.


The interest in digital transformation and a daily occupation and with its issues and challenges is also part of what we have in common. Artificial intelligence (AI), inter-connectedness and data management are examples of how solutions to current challenges involve several consulting experts with different expertise.

If expertise is required in different fields, we pull together.

We stand by our claim.

COM stands for COMMERCE

Lawyers know all areas of their profession (esp. the German so-called unitary jurist), as do business administration graduates and the tax advisers, of course - really? Today, providing up-to-date and focused advice requires both specialization and experience, combined with a transparent and open- minded assessment of the relevant fields of expertise and the responsible management of any such interfaces.

If expertise is required in different fields, we pull together.

We stand by our claim.

NET stands for NETWORK

When giving advice, we all focus on the result. The constantly evolving technological and legal environment not only requires consultants with an increasingly high degree of specialization. Reaching specific goals also requires more and more a unified approach to advice connecting different relevant sectors of expertise.

What we at tecitcom do in order to provide best practice service to our customers and clients, especially export-oriented small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs), retailers and manufacturers, be it a start-up or an international technology leader, is to support each other, individually or by forming a best practice team. Assisting with an external expert opinion is one example, specific project and process-related ser-vices such as data and process analysis are other examples of our joint forces com-mitment.

Wenn es mehrere Experten bedarf, ergänzen wir uns.

We stand by our claim.

Die Fachkompetenzen unserer Experten


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Die Experten

Prof. Dr. Sven Köhler

Betriebswirt, Sachverständiger

Prof. Dr. Dirk Heuzeroth

Medieninformatiker, Sachverständiger

Susanne Petruch

Steuerberaterin, Dipl. Betriebswirtin (BA)

Christian Paul


Prof. Helmuth Jordan, M.Sc.

Rechtsanwalt und Mediator

Peter Wagner

Rechtsanwalt und Mediator, Cert. Monash University, Australia

Dr. Thomas A. Degen

Rechtsanwalt, Fachanwalt für IT-Recht, Zertifizierter Datenschutzbeauftragter TÜV Süd (DSB-TÜV)

Mathias Lang, LL.M.

Rechtsanwalt und Fachanwalt für IT-Recht

Dr. Arnd-Christian Kulow

Rechtsanwalt, Zertifizierter Datenschutzbeauftragter (TÜV Süd), Zertifizierter Auditor für Datenschutz - DSA (TÜV Süd) und Beauftragter für QM

Marzia Carla Iosini, LL.M.

Avvocato (Mailand)

Prof. Dr. Laird H. McNeil

Attorney-at-Law, Texas, USA

Dr. Dale E. Fredericks

Attorney-at-Law, San Francisco, Californien, USA